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Happy New Year from charlie & hannah xx


We hate the idea that any of our lovingly made craft kits might end up stuffed in a cupboard half-finished, so we do absolutely everything we can to make sure that never happens. Our knitting kits are carefully designed with complete beginners in mind so that anyone can enjoy completing one of them.

The step-by-step photographic instructions make learning how to knit and sew as simple as possible. Each kit we produce has everything you need to make it up including needles, knitting needles and stuffing.

If you have never knitted a stitch before try one of our ‘Learn to knit kits’ to get you started, then once you have mastered the basics of casting on, knitting stitches and casting off you will be ready to move onto the Simple Knitting Kits and learn to follow a basic knitting pattern, with a little assistance from our helpful, illustrated instructions.

Your knitting journey begins here!