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simple sewing video tutorialssimple knitting video tutorialsLearn basic stitches with charlie & hannah’s step-by-step knitting and sewing tutorials

The absolute worst thing about buying a new craft kit is when the instructions are poorly made and you have to give up on your kit before you have even started to make it up. So here at charlie & hannah we have done everything we can think of to help you, if you get stuck whilst learning how to knit and sew; that way you can just concentrate on being creative and having fun. We have created these fantastic knitting and sewing video guides that take you through all the basic stitches you will need when making up one of our craft kits. Our craft videos bring to life our step-by-step knitting and sewing instructions to make our kits as simple to make up as possible. You can also watch all our video guides as step-by-step video tutorials for learning how to sew or learning how to knit. All our simple videos are suitable for adults and children!

We are currently in the process of making more craft video guides so please watch this space.

Email us at if there are any other basic knitting or sewing stitches you would like to learn!