If you are looking for something a little different from a scarf for your first knitting project, this cuddly bear is perfect. Knitted in beautiful, 100% British, pure wool, it is softly stuffed which makes it deliciously floppy and huggable.


Level 1 Absolute beginner knitting kits are all designed from knit stitch squares or rectangles, no shaping, no complicated stitches to confuse you, just the very basics you need to know to start knitting. The levels are designed to build on each other to increase your skills and confidence.


The kit has step-by-step instructions for how to cast on, do the knit stitch, and cast off, and another leaflet shows you how to put the finished bear together. There is a 'Handmade by me' label that you can use if you are gifting the bear to someone, and the finished bear can be packed in the original box.


Choose from 12 beautiful colours reminiscent of a weekend in the Cotswolds, where we are based – Ice-Cream, Winter walk, Cotswold Stone, Pheasant , Roaring Fire, Rambling Roses, Sparkling stream, Blue Skies, Frosty Morning, Night Sky, Country Green and Drake Green.


The kit includes 6.5mm wooden knitting needles.


If you would like the left-handed version of the step-by-step instructions please select from the drop down menu.


100% wool

Toy stuffing made from recycled plastic bottles

Recyclable or reusable packaging

Wooden knitting needles


Finished bear approx 30cm tall (knitting tensions vary)

Box 320mm x 190mm x 90mm

Bear First Knitting Project